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About triple double sports cards

Triple Double specializes in rare, vintage basketball cards, primarily from the 70s and 80s. We’ve been building up our inventory since 1986 and have some of the most sought-after and highly graded cards, unopened and even uncut material available.

About Mitch

President, triple double sports cards

A lifelong sports fan, Mitch loves the NBA more than any other league. His passion for sports cards started when he was kid and he’s collected cards ever since. After learning about PSA and Beckett Grading, Mitch refined his inventory by focusing on what to collect, and more importantly, how to preserve quality basketball cards.

Mitch looks forward to connecting with other lovers of the NBA, vintage card collectors, and fellow sports enthusiasts.

About PSA and Beckett Grading

Triple Double uses both PSA and Beckett Grading systems, two of the most trusted grading systems in sports card collecting.

Professional Sports Authenticators (PSA), arguably the most popular method, uses a flat 1-10 scale and is excellent for grading rare vintage cards. This method also uses strict and consistent grading standards.

Beckett Grading Services, offers a more sophisticated system that ranks 1-10 with .5 subgrades, for cards 1981 and newer. A single point system for cards 1980 and older

By using both methods, friends of Triple Double have multiple ways to evaluate the quality of our rarest cards.

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